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What is SiBi? 

Our Members-Only Conscious Shopping Community - Coming Soon

SiBi is a community for those needing style support, just ask "Should I Buy It?" #SiBi


Welcome to SiBi, the members-only community for like-minded individuals navigating body changes, weight fluctuations, and the transformative journey of motherhood. SiBi connects you with stylists and fashion professionals, offering instant style support, fashion hacks, and mama tricks, all tailored to help you look and feel your best.

Navigating changes in your body and lifestyle can be challenging, but your style doesn't have to suffer. SiBi is here to empower you with personalized fashion advice, making sure you always step out with confidence. Whether you're wondering, "Should I wear it?" as you get ready or need a second opinion before making a purchase, SiBi is your go-to resource.

Why SiBi?

  1. Instant Style Support: Post a picture of your outfit and ask, "Should I wear it?" Within seconds, receive feedback from a community of stylists and fashion enthusiasts who understand your journey and style goals.

  2. Expert Shopping Advice: Before you make another purchase, take a screenshot of the item in question or snap a photo in the dressing room. Share it on SiBi and ask, "Should I Buy It?" #SiBi. Instantly, get honest opinions and expert advice to make informed decisions.

  3. Community Connection: SiBi is a vibrant community where you can share your experiences, get advice, and connect with others who are on similar journeys. Engage in two-way exchanges, learn new fashion hacks, and discover mama tricks that make styling easier and more fun.

  4. Professional Guidance: Our community includes professional stylists who offer expert fashion advice, ensuring that you receive the best tips and tricks to enhance your wardrobe and confidence.

  5. Fashion Hacks and Mama Tricks: Whether you need quick tips on accessorizing or practical advice on dressing comfortably yet stylishly as a mom, SiBi has you covered. Benefit from the collective wisdom of our diverse community.

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