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Look @ the Labels Consultation

Assessment form and online personal consultation

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 200 Euro
  • Online

Service Description

1. Personalized Discovery: Our consultant begins by understanding your style, preferences, and budget, ensuring a tailored approach to your sustainable fashion journey. 2. Eco-Conscious Brand Curation: Navigate through an array of thoughtfully selected eco-friendly brands, each with a commitment to ethical practices, fair trade, and environmentally conscious production. Discover fashion that aligns with your values. 3. Budget-Friendly Options: Striking a balance between style and budget, our consultant guides you through options that not only fit your financial considerations but also contribute to a sustainable wardrobe. 4. In-Depth De-Brief: Gain insights into the methodologies employed in selecting each piece, from material sourcing to ethical manufacturing practices. Understand the positive impact of your choices on the environment and the global fashion landscape. 5. Sustainable Styling Tips: Learn how to incorporate sustainable fashion seamlessly into your wardrobe. Our consultant provides valuable tips on mix-and-match strategies and versatile styling to maximize the longevity of your fashion investments.

Contact Details

London, UK

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