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A Celebration of Culture and Charity: St. Martin's Day at rack 'n white Charity Club in Berlin

In a delightful blend of philanthropy and cultural celebration, rack 'n white Charity Club (of DKS) and Jennifer Countess von Walderdorff hosted an extraordinary event on November 11, 2023, marking the occasion of St. Martin's Day – Germany's national day of donation. The day unfolded with a kaleidoscope of activities that showcased the beauty of diversity, creativity, and the spirit of giving. It was truly a celebration of culture and charity.

The highlight of the event was a captivating performance by a talented Black dance group, led by the charismatic Mangue @sang.amns on Instagram, who leads a growing and artistic dance project @come2gether_dance_project. The rhythmic beats and mesmerizing movements brought a sense of joy and unity to the gathering, transcending cultural boundaries and connecting hearts.

Adding another layer of cultural richness to the event was the incredible artwork adorning the store's walls, courtesy of Berlin artist Charlene Davis (@diesesmaedchenmalt). Her pieces, highlighting the essence of Black beauty, provided a powerful backdrop to the festivities. The vibrant colours and thought-provoking themes resonated with attendees, sparking conversations about inclusivity and representation in the art world.

Providing beats on the day was Emo Rugene, a member of In Living Color, who made the night a rhythmic success. Integrating Afro-Beats into his set was so well received.

The literary enthusiasts in the audience were treated to an enlightening book reading by none other than Jennifer Countess von Walderdorff. The British-Nigerian author and sustainable fashion consultant shared excerpts from her latest work, "Look @ the Labels," offering valuable insights into the world of sustainable fashion. Jennifer's engaging presence and commitment to positive change made her a fitting co-host for the event.

Jennifer was also named the newest ambassador of Deutsche Kleiderstiftung, a notable non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. Her involvement as an ambassador adds an extra layer of significance to the event, emphasizing the intersection of charity, culture, and the fashion world.

Jennifer, in her ambassadorial role, expressed her enthusiasm for working with a non-profit organization devoted to both charity and the fashion industry. She highlighted the importance of promoting sustainable practices and ethical fashion choices. Her commitment to the cause was palpable as she shared her experiences and insights, encouraging attendees to consider the impact of their fashion choices on the environment and society.

The collaborative efforts of rack 'n white, the Black dance group led by Mangue, Charlene Davis, Emo Rugene and Jennifer Countess von Walderdorff created a celebration that transcended the ordinary. The fusion of cultural performances, artistic expression, and a commitment to charitable causes made the event a memorable and uplifting experience.

As the day concluded, attendees left with not just the memories of a fantastic celebration but also a renewed sense of purpose – a reminder that giving back and embracing diversity can truly make a positive impact on our communities. The event at rack 'n white served as a shining example of how the intersection of culture, art, and charity can create moments of inspiration and change for the better.


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