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The old black shopper

Somewhere before 2013 when I worked at River Island as a merchandise planner, I bought this heart-quilted padded shopper, look at what a difference a decade makes to fashion. It always comes around again, you just have to keep your eyes on the prize. But not everything has the right to make a comeback!

I am acutely aware that this was a 2021 trend and would have hit the sweet “trend spot” earlier, but I am not Kim Kardashian and I do not own storage facilities with my old clobber. So it got discovered when it got discovered. So here we are, retrieved from my youth (am I not young anymore?), taken back home and added into the fold of my bags.

It is important for me to state that I feel no shame wearing anything off-trend as long as it serves its purpose, and if I need a shopper (half my height), I will reach for it and carry whatever is required in that incredibly impractical large bag. A “classic” black bag can never really go out of style, so if you keep the ones you have in good condition their lifecycle may live generations beyond the current state of fast fashion and serve you for years.


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