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Back blogging - who am I?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I have written a few 'about me' posts in the past, launching something new, applying for a new position, or blogging in a new country. This time I will keep it simple and say the facts that put me in a box and the facts which throw me head first back out of them. First here’s what I look like, a headshot I took some years ago, still looking enough like me not to be classed as a catfish.

My wonderful parents are Nigerian and I am 1st generation British. Having been born in London I have all the eccentricities of a Londoner, whilst in keeping a strong family heritage of Nigeria (so says my dual citizenship passports). Green and Burgundy (for now, Brexit! Biting my nails to the dried nubs of despair).

I grew up with 6 brothers and sisters, so as a “textbook” no. 6 of 7 I cried for attention having lost out on being the youngest and the most looked after. Not really, even if there was a psychological study on 7 kid families, I’m sure it’s not based on any family like ours. The weird fact is that we are born in the same order as the von Trapp family of Sound of Music. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a classic – add it to the list.

I studied Medical Biology at Brunel University, only to become a Merchandiser and follow my other passion of fashion. Corny, but true – plus with merchandising I can still use my aptitude for math I enjoy so much. I moved through the biggest multi-million-pound companies, finally packing it in and leaving London for some space and quiet. You know, breathable air, trains which don’t come with a side of armpit in my face and to get change, enough for a bus ride after I buy a coffee with a note of cash money. I packed my bags to my favourite fashion capital of the world Milan, where I achieved a multitude of things, including after 3 months of leaving for another job after being headhunted to Berlin. Now, yes, I am a black British woman living and working in Germany – what are the odds? Well if you know a few Nigerians it’s not so obscene at all. Rising through the ranks I have grown so much in the world of online business, building a network as a businesswoman and leader.

Merchandising has been a big part of my life, but the applications can go so much further. For those not in that world, I have read that Merchandising requires an intuition for fashion trends in addition to a shrewd understanding of business management, which I wholeheartedly agree with if you are a good Merchandiser. But it is this business management that I found I had an affinity to, which led me to start Cheeky Poppins Shoe Clips, my fashion accessories company. We are an award-winning company, bringing a new niche accessory to market with a quirky twist.

Having grown up watching classic cinema and film, I took the opportunity after a writing course to apply for a movie review competition that I won and was from then writing freelance all over the UK. I love writing and putting pen to paper succinctly – currently making a self-note that this first post is getting lengthy.

As I have worked in Fashion for over 10 years, I have been compelled to take the knowledge and put it into a book. Look @ The Labels is a fashion shopping guide for the modern person, giving the power back to the customer, so they make informed decisions about what and where they spend their hard-earned cash. Topics of which I will share these via the blog – where you can get the full copy from the hardback. Release currently TBC.

Well, that’s a thorough summary, I’ll be back in some form of post, publication preview, or good old-fashioned rant (verb to speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way). Posts will cover a wide range of topics, Brexit, Berlin or beauty – and lots of fashion, the every-days of life!

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