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Are you wearing your clothes?

It seems a pretty simple question, innocuous in fact. You aren’t walking around naked, or taking a bedsheet and wrapping it around you, ancient Greek style to cover you up as a viable alternative. But whether we wear our clothes is a question that can be tracked, and answered in, well as long as it takes to see how many clothing cycles you have.

When I acquire clothes for my baby, I do a bit of quick math to see how often on average he requires (pees or poos) a new baby body, trousers or jumper to define how many I will need to continue my one laundry a week cycle. This can also be applied to us adults when I refer to our cycles. Some of us have Friday trousers, or weekend comfort clothing that is always the first reached for. Others have ball gowns and formal attire, chilling in the dark recess of the wardrobe. There are many in between of course, but the point is not whether you wear all your clothes but to see what you are wearing (which works for you), and to review if you need more of these options with different fasteners, or in different colours or prints. For the fodder, how you can best find it a new home.

This post is focusing on the question above, so here is one tip you can do any time, new year or whenever, but after you have put laundry away ideally. For the clothes hanging, put all the hooks (of the hangers, preferably not wire hangers*) facing in the same direction. Once an item is worn and returned, put it facing the opposite direction. Pretty soon after some time, you will notice some options have not been worn and there is potentially some new wardrobe space which can be freed up. Have a look and see why these clothes aren't getting worn, are they the wrong size, currently out of this season trends, wrong weather so not fit for purpose, or you simply do not think you will ever wear them again? For the latter, in my next post, I will go through a few ways to re-purpose your clothes that are no longer wanted or required. It is possible they can be re-styled for future use.

I am not a massive fan of doing new year’s new you, cause quite frankly the date changes every day so if you want to make a change, nothing is stopping you from getting it done when you review your capacity in any given week. But if today is the day for that review, go for it!

*Wire hangers, do not give enough support for clothes, they can lead to your items stretching and losing shape. As well as leaving marks which are difficult to remove once deeply embedded into the fabric. They should not be a long-term solution for storing one’s clothing for those reasons above.


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