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Black Friday Savings?

So, this is the day or week we have all been looking forward to. Well, I am only speaking to people who do not work in the fashion retail industry or retail in general. This week has over recent years been filled with more dread than the last gap in the train under someone’s armpit in the middle of summer. It is not a time to look forward to, but rather to get over and done with ASAP!

I won’t ramble on about this day, or even why we (British and Europeans) celebrate it when it is truly a holiday cooked up by Americans to continue their capitalist society culture ticking along. But here we are, after a pandemic and illegal war, the cost of everything has seemingly skyrocketed and when we hear the word SALE or savings, we can turn a blind eye to the facts.

Here are some facts:

  • Prices that you see on goods are not always the RRP – that’s the recommended retail price most likely set by the brand/company producing the goods. As a result, retailers have the legal right to put articles or prices at an inflated amount pre-promotion, only to “discount” them to what would have been the RRP during Black Friday deals

  • Goods are produced in such excess, it is causing a specific strain on manufacturing to get goods in on time for this event, leading to escalations in labour rights throughout the world

  • Brands make appealing marketing advertisements, luring you in to take advantage of 24-hour or short-term deals, leading to “panic purchases” and adding items to your basket you may not ordinarily have purchased

  • Other companies make marketing claims you can make big savings, with up 70% off, for example, in the UK this claim can legally be made when it stands for at least ten per cent of goods, the remaining ninety need not come close


  • Do your research and price compare with what is out on the market. Even a Google search can help you save money on something you need

  • Look out for off-price retailers who are in a 365-day-a-year Black Friday and always have deals, they are more brand-driven so you may be able to get what you need from whom you want

  • Practice restraint, and review the basket before you pay – do you need everything that’s in there?

  • If you have the time, look into store cards that offer points. More of a solution for next year as it will take a while to get some, but using points from purchases you have made all year is not only rewarding but it is there to do exactly that – help you save money. So, look at which stores you already shop in that offer these, and even have a look at companies who offer air miles, hotel discounts and other benefits that suit your lifestyle.

Good luck with this promotion period and don’t forget to look at the labels and see if the prices are really worth it! Even on discount.

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