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Look @ the Labels:Our Shift and the Magic of Festival Cast-Offs

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

In a world where waste runs rampant, one brand dares to challenge the norms and rewrite the rules of fashion. Our Shift, the eco-conscious trailblazer, has set out on a mission to transform cast-off materials from festivals into fashionable treasures. I am thrilled to share with you the amazing practices and activism that define Our Shift in fashion, which showed at Copenhagen Fashion Week (Monday 7th August).

I had the immense pleasure of walking for this brand, and it was possibly one of the most amazing experiences I have had - you can still find pinned on their Instagram feed here).

Our Shift embraces the magic of repurposing, breathing new life into discarded festival fabrics and more. These vibrant remnants, once left to waste, are now transformed into stunning garments that ooze creativity and sustainability. With meticulous craftsmanship, each piece tells a story of the festival spirit, capturing the essence of joy and freedom. These are some of my amazing moments, with @milanflicek and @andreaswurtzz

But Our Shift doesn't stop there. They have ignited a campaign that goes beyond fashion. Through their activism, they strive to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the fashion industry. By challenging wasteful practices and advocating for responsible production, Our Shift paves the way for a more conscious future.

Their collaboration with festivals and their commitment to educating consumers is truly inspiring. By showcasing the potential of upcycled materials, Our Shift challenges the notion that sustainable fashion compromises style. Instead, they demonstrate that sustainability and fashion can coexist harmoniously, creating a positive impact on both the planet and our wardrobes.

So, if you're ready to embark on a fashion revolution, join the UNITY movement led by @our.shift. Embrace their eco-friendly garments, each a testament to their commitment to preserving the environment and reshaping the fashion industry. Together, we can shift the paradigm, redefine fashion, and create a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.


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