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Riding the Trend Lifecycle

Many of us have learnt to ride a bike, whether we were kids or adults, it is a skill which starts tough but when you get your bike legs, it is exhilarating AF! It is a “hobby” which sticks. The same can't be said for fashion trends, there are some which are pretty difficult to get off the ground, a tough sell so to speak, but once it meets full peak, it is smooth sailing, until the next one comes along, and slowly declines in popularity.

Maybe likening trends to learning to ride a bike is a bit of a stretch, but the bell curve of a trend is for sure a ride. There are 5 stages to a fashion trend, which are introductions, incline, peak, decline, and outmodedness. The trend life cycle has been pretty consistent in fashion as a whole, but the length of time from start to finish has seen a decrease in recent years (or decades by now), this can be owed to the wonder that is technology. Specifically social media. There was a time when you could happily wear the same frock for different occasions, in different circles of people. But now, the fear of seeing it show up on multiple feeds can be harrowing. I would say, who cares – but that is not a popular opinion shared by the mass – if it was fashion would not be referred to as fast. It would just be fashion like it was in yesteryear.

Not all fashion is speedily rushing through a season, on the other end of the spectrum the luxury market moves a lot slower, but is often setting the trends which are followed by many a high street brand.

If you want to invest in a trend that speaks to you and your personal style, by all means, go for it. Just Remember, some styles aren’t reinventing the bike wheel, they can be recreated with clothes you already own in your wardrobe, or you can acquire super affordable pieces from pre-loved, second hand or charity outlets. Whatever the trend, like that LBD in the back of the wardrobe, think about the longevity of it, and whether you’re convinced it will be around for long enough for you not to need a mass clear out of peplum, like me.


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